Gates Swaps Microsoft for Foundation Work

Bill Gates announced yesterday that he will be phasing himself out of the day-to-day duties at Microsoft, and eventually will be working part-time in June of 2008. While part-time work means living on more modest means for most individuals, for Bill Gates, whose personnel net worth is estimated at $50 billion, can probably cut back his normal ten hour work day to just five or less.

Gates explained his life-changing course by saying, "This was a hard decision for me. I’m very lucky to have two passions that I feel are so important and so challenging. As I prepare for this change, I firmly believe the road ahead for Microsoft is as bright as ever."

Gates’ other passion is doing philanthropic work. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses its primary attention on health and education issues, with a treasury of over $30 billion. The couple has been heavily involved in their efforts to improve the condition of third world countries and have contributed a great amount of time and resources in the fight and cure of various diseases in these regions. Their educational efforts have bestowed countless scholarships to underprivileged students and have also helped schools throughout the country in advancing literacy and academics.

Gates elaborated on his decision by stating, “I’ve decided that two years from today, I will reorganize my personal priorities. I have one of the best jobs in the world. I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility – the responsibility to give back to society and make sure those resources are given back in the best possible way, to those in need. It’s not a retirement, it’s a reordering of my priorities.”

Gates, personae as a conscientious individual contrasts greatly with the company he started over thirty years ago. Microsoft is often seen as a faceless entity that has a stranglehold over the computers of the world. Whether this reflection is warranted or not, the fact remains that practically every PC in the world runs Microsoft,s operating system. Regardless, without Gates, the landscape of the computer age would definitely be quite different, and some would argue, not as advanced.

As Gates winds down his duties at Microsoft, by 2008, Gates will act as chairman and advisor for special development projects for his company.


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