Ged Talbert talks Project Gotham Racing 5

In a recent interview with CVG, Project Gotham Racing 4 lead designer Ged Talbert disclosed a few of the design team’s plans for the next iteration of the game – Project Gotham Racing 5.

They want more details, more damage, better effects, new locations, and new vehicles, but rather than read what I have to say about it about it, I’ll let Ged’s words speak for themselves:

"Obviously Gotham 4’s about to come out and we’re really happy with it, but behind the scenes we’ve already started ripping our game to pieces. We know where we failed in certain areas; for instance we wanted more trackside damage, more particles and smoke effects, a bigger damage system – and all of these things are being stripped out in a post-mortem."

"Next time it’s more on the detail. That’s what we think; we think the devil’s in the detail. Anyone can make a good looking game but the top games blow you away by being super-realistic, adding things that you didn’t expect and surprising you."

"I personally believe there’s a lot we can do by taking our vehicles we’ve already got and putting them into different, more interesting environments. It doesn’t always mean outside of the city, it just means getting lets say more elevation – somewhere we can finally do big jumps."

"That’s what we’re looking for in the next game; going to deserts – that kind of stuff. Seeing how they affect the gameplay, see if we can get Kudos working there as well."

Ged also went on to talk about the new types of vehicles the team is considering for the next entry into the series. "We could bring cruisers in, we could bring ATV-type bikes in. None of these are definite," he said.


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