Gertsmann speaks his mind about K&L review

gertsmannJeff Gertsmann, who was kicked out of the GameSpot nest after 11 years on the job, has spoken, but due to legal reasons, he can’t spill all the beans. But he did talk to Joystiq about his negative review of Kane & Lynch, who some speculate, was the reason for his firing.

"I stand behind my work, regardless of where I do it. If there was content that I felt I couldn’t support, it wouldn’t see the light of day. If factual errors are made, I have no problem owning up to that error, correcting it, noting that a correction has been made, and feeling like an idiot for making the mistake in the first place.

Gertsmann’s video review was pulled from GameSpot while his written edited review was put on the site.

He reflected on what he has in store for his future plans. "I’m not really sure what I want to do next. This whole situation has left me with a lot to think about. While this sort of clean break would be an acceptable time to think about trying game development, I feel like I still have more to say and do on the editorial side of the fence, too."

There’s been a lot of resentment in the gaming community as far as the integrity of game reviews and how advertisers influence them. But Gertsmann still thinks the system generally works.

"Despite the number of people who are taking these rumors … to mean that game writing is ethically bankrupt, I don’t feel that’s the case. Either way, I’m currently keeping my options open and have been in contact with interesting people on both sides."


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