Get morbidly creative in new Dishonored gameplay video

The next video showcasing Dishonored‘s gameplay has gone live, and this time we get a look at how creative Corvo can be when it comes to killing.

As a disgraced guard of the esteemed Empress, protagonist Corvo embarks on a mission with just one simple goal in mind: revenge. How you exact that revenge on a moment-to-moment basis depends entirely on the player, or so this new gameplay video would suggest. Coming off the back of the “Daring Escapes” video, Bethesda has shown us a little more on how players can get creative in Dishonored with the “Creative Kills” video.

In the first section we see Corvo calling on a horde of rats to do his dirty work, using the animals in a handful of creative ways by mixing in some of his other powers. The second part shows off how players will be able to use the Bend Time ability in conjunction with Possession to grab enemies and put them in the path of foes’ fire, while the third section shows Corvo rigging some machinery to wreak havoc.

“Creative Kills” is the newest video in a series from Bethesda that attempt to show off just how dynamic Dishonored will be. I have to say that I’m looking forward to seeing if the game can deliver on its promises. Take a look at the video, and be sure to check out our Dishonored E3 2012 preview in the run up to the game’s October 12 release.


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One Comment on "Get morbidly creative in new Dishonored gameplay video"

  1. T4nkcommander August 11, 2012 at 10:56 am -

    Got to play it at Quakecon and it was very smooth. Combat was very fun and slick, looking forward to it!

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