Google releasing new shiny browser: Chrome

chromeWe’re not totally certain if this is a good idea or not, but considering that Google is worth about $157 BILLION, we suppose entering the browser market won’t affect them too much if their new Chrome doesn’t make it.

Starting this week, Google is releasing its beta version of Chrome in over 100 countries. According to techmeme, the browser will feature:

* Open source code.
* Include a JavaScript Virtual Machine built from scratch
* Tabs will be movable.
* Have auto completion in the address bar.
* Privacy features
* Will fend off phishing and malware attacks.

Well, so far, nothing really earthshaking about Chrome. But why did Google launch a new browser that will be hard pressed to find its niche in a world full of Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Google said, "On the surface, we designed a browser window that is streamlined and simple. To most people, it isn’t the browser that matters. It’s only a tool to run the important stuff – the pages, sites and applications that make up the web. Like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome is clean and fast. It gets out of your way and gets you where you want to go."

So will Chrome take the shine off of Explorer and Firefox? It’s hard to say at this early stage, but the graph below shows the most popular browsers at the moment. Is there room for Chrome? We’ll have to wait and see.




[via zdnet]


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