GRAW 2 DLC: Don't make Captain Mitchell cry

GRAW Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is a fantastic game with a fantastic control scheme that has pretty fantastic graphics. It also has fantastic DLC that came out two days ago. Unfortunately nobody seems to care. Even I overlooked it, and I pay attention to these things.

According to the good Major, 9 new multiplayer maps and 5 new co-op missions have been released in what is being heralded as Co-op Collection 2. It also adds 8 achievements for 125 gamerscore, presumably for the co-op missions.

I love to see big publishers supporting their game a full year after release. I had some good times with both GRAW games and I really liked their take on co-op. Rather than just a playing through the single player story with another person, the co-op levels were completely separate and specifically designed for two.

Does anyone even play GRAW online anymore to warrant 9 new maps? I know Rainbow 6: Vegas is still popular, and will be for another 13 days when Vegas 2 comes out, but GRAW? Though I loved the control scheme in the single player, the lack of a cover system in the multi turned me off. Oh well. Someone must be playing it if Ubi is devoting man hours to making DLC.

If you didn’t pick up Army of Two and you’ve got a friend sleeping on your couch, hankering for some co-op action then grab the content. It’s only 400 points and the GRAW team seems to know what they’re doing.


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