GTA IV bundled with graphical problems

gta 4 distortedWith the new installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games is bumping up the graphical prowess of GTAIV in order create a one of a kind, realistic perspective in a huge sandbox environment. With such a large persistent world is it surprising that GTAIV is suffering from graphical difficulties?

According to multiple previews, GTAIV contains grainy framerate issues, buildings and cars that popup out of nowhere, and long-distance fade outs.

So when you are being chased by the cops and you need a getaway car, hopefully you won’t have to run into the trouble of waiting for a street car to pop up in your view to hijack. Also when you are driving fast in your car through a busy, traffic filled downtown street the framerate tends to dip a bit.

The reasons why these graphical hiccups pop up is because the game features many more textures than in any GTA game. The game’s upgrades however are able to add more personality to all of the civilians faces, newer car models with more realistic destructible car parts, and the shadows and lightings bouncing of the buildings are definitely something to marvel about.

So do you believe these graphical problems will be overseen by players as small annoyances in a potentially amazing all-around experience?


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