GTA IV–the event of 2008?

gta 4Grand Theft Auto IV may be a few months away, but that isn’t stopping retailers from already touting the game’s anticipated success. By launching on two consoles, GTA IV will be the first Grand Theft Auto game to enjoy a much wider gaming audience than any other iteration in the franchise.

It isn’t a stretch to believe GTA IV will not only meet the sales numbers of Halo 3, but also surpass them without breaking a sweat. The big question though is which platform, within the US, will the game sell best on.

While fanboys from Sony will say that their console will win out, one has to look at the facts. The Xbox 360 still has a larger install base in the US, and even if every single owner of a PlayStation 3 bought GTA IV on day one, it is hard to fathom that the numbers would match Microsoft’s Xbox figures. No doubt Microsoft will tout its version of GTA IV as the superior experience because of its exclusive downloadable content. Sorry Sony, it’s just simple math.

Either way, April 29th will be a very interesting day indeed.

[Via Digital Spy]


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