Guild Banks Included with Patch 2.3

Guild BankGuild Banks is the feature everyone who plays World of Warcraft has been waiting for, especially those mature enough to run some of the most impressive and organized guilds across Azeroth.

While it was originally planned that Guild Banks was going to be included with the Burning Crusader, Blizzard decided to keep working on them until they were perfect. Enter Patch 2.3 reports WoW Insider. The much anticipated Guild Banks are going to finally find their way into WoW.

The purpose behind the Guild Banks is pretty simple. Blizzard wants to offer guilds an alternative to the guild bank character, making it so guilds don’t have to spend the extra cash on huge bags in order to store all the extra loot. Guilds will be able to organize loot by certain types, be it profession supplies, raw materials, or armor and weapons.

Those worried that new guild members will have too much access to the guild’s treasure trove can rest easy. Blizzard is implementing a number of guild bank privileges that only the GM will be allowed to set. Some guildies will only be able to deposit but not withdraw, or only withdraw certain items at a certain limit per day. But what about the flip side, with Guild leaders taking all the loot and transferring it to another character? Blizzard keeps track of every transaction and if they see abuse, they will step in and address the situation.

I’m glad to see Guild Banks finally being included. My guild has three guild bank characters and they are always on trying to sort out all the loot and supplies. Having a loot storage system in place will not only be a breath of fresh air but give the Guild leaders back some of their valuable playing time.


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