Guild Wars 2 'Asura Week' begins Monday

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet and NCSoft have announced that Monday, September 12 will be the beginning of the fifth and final race-themed week on the ArenaNet Blog and official Guild Wars 2 site, "Asura Week". The two sites will be updated every day until Friday, September 16 with new lore, information, screens, videos, and more about the once-subterranean species.

"As a race focused on alchemic endeavors, they have adapted quickly to life on the surface of Tyria and will play a prominent role in the events about to unfold in the upcoming Guild Wars 2," stated the upcoming event’s press release about the Asura.

In addition to the announcement, the game’s developer and publisher also revealed a calendar of events to show exactly what will be released on the sites each day. Check out the full list of happenings below.

9/12 – Asura character design blog post by Matt Barrett with art assets
9/13 – Asura environment blog post by Matt Barrett and the new "Hey Bookah" Asura advice column
9/14 – Asura writing blog post by Angel McCoy with audio
9/15 – Asura animation blog post by Heron Prior with video
9/15 – Updated Asura page – new screenshots, new wallpapers, new lore text by Jeff Grubb and a new Asura Feature video
9/16 – Asura lore blog post by Ree Soesbee

Guild Wars 2 currently has no release date set, but will do so exclusively for the PC when it does.


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