Guild Wars 2 guesting feature finally arrives on January 28

Guesting Goes Live January 28

After months of work by developers and demand by the community, ArenaNet is finally bringing its guesting feature to Guild Wars 2 this month. Guesting will take the place of the current free server transfer system and go live with the game’s next major update on January 28.

Once the feature goes live, players will be able to guest on another server by click on the “World Selection” button in the game’s character select screen, choosing what world they wish to visit, and selecting the “Guest” option. Then it’s as simple as selecting the character players want to take into the server they are visiting and select “Play.”

As these will no longer be full world transfers, guesting will come with limitations. Players will only be able to guest on servers that share the same region as their home server. For example: Players on North American worlds will only be able to guest on other North American worlds and the same goes for European worlds.

Anyone who guests will also be barred from competing in World vs. World combat on the server they are visiting. If players decide to try and access World vs. World while guesting, they will instantly be brought to their home server’s World vs. World game.

Players will also only be allowed two worlds to guest on at a time over a 24-hour period. Guesting on highly-populated servers also runs the traditional risk of ending up on the world’s overflow server.

Now that world transfers will no longer be free, ArenaNet has also detailed the information regarding the new transfers. Performing a world transfer will now cost a gem fee, which can be paid by exchanging gems for in-game gold or actual currency. The fee will vary based on server size, can only be done once every seven days, and won’t be possible if the world players are trying to transfer to is “Full.”

To see screenshots from ArenaNet showing how to guest on other worlds, take a look below. Also, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts on the introduction of Guild Wars 2 guesting in the comments section below.

Guesting Instructions 1

Guesting Instructions 2

[Guild Wars 2 Official Website]


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