Guitar Hero–home of the next real rock star?

slashWith Guitar Hero and Rock Band on the scene, some music instructors think there will be a resurgence of the popularity of the guitar.

It makes sense since millions of would-be rock stars maybe thinking about actually switching over to the real deal instead of living out their fantasies on a video game.

Dan Emery of the New York City Guitar School said, "I have an overwhelming feeling that my business is safe for years to come when I see kids playing Guitar Hero. These kids are really enjoying playing [this game], and they’re really being turned on to old classic rock."

He thinks the transition from guitar controller to real guitar will be a natural move for budding musicians. "I fully expect that (kids who play the game) will get into their twenties and they will have disposable income and they will decide to actually play guitar and they’re going to call us up."

Others aren’t so positive about the effects of Guitar Hero. David Hilton, a San Diego Bass teacher said, "It’s going to kill music. It seems to me that as long as (Guitar Hero fans) can get really, really good playing this console, (and) it’s not really easy to play (a real) instrument, [that the real guitar is dead]."

But the overall consensus seems to be Guitar Hero is good for music. Jay Skyler, a San Francisco guitar instructor said, "It’s also interesting kids in great bands of the past that they might not have been exposed to. So I think we’ll see a resurgence of rock. Rock ‘n’ roll is about fantasy. If you can go and you’re having a good time (and saying), ‘Hey, I’m jamming with Slash,’ that’s great."

So do games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero help or hinder the interests in playing real musical instruments?

What say you?

[via cnet/news]


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