Guitar Hero III DS confirmed

guitarheroIIIIn an interview between CNET and Charles Huang, Co-founder of RedOctane, it was confirmed that Guitar Hero III will be heading to the Nintendo DS. Despite no release date yet, Huang disclosed that the game will be "a very unique experience just like Guitar Hero was on consoles".

"We are working on that. We’re exploring a lot of things. We’re hoping to really bring the experience to the DS and to do some very, very different approaches. We’re working through a lot of engineering issues with Nintendo. This will play probably unlike any other DS game that has come out, and at this stage, that’s all I’m afraid we can talk about until we have the engineering paths laid out with Nintendo."

RedOctane is also exploring the possibility of custom DS peripherals for Guitar Hero III, "That is definitely one of the options we’re exploring. The DS peripheral is very intriguing to us. It’s an integral part of the Guitar Hero experience, so as much as possible, we would like to keep it within the experience.."

Huang also discussed a little about the planned wooden guitars for Guitar Hero III. Apparently RedOctane hit some snags regarding that idea, namely technological snags, but they’re still planning to release them sometime next year. In the meantime, they’re pretty busy with just pushing Guitar Hero III out the door.


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