Guitar Hero III Replacement Disks Finally Shipped

gh3If you bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii, one feature lacking in the final game was the inclusion of Dolby Pro Logic II. While not true surround sound it still enhanced the game enough to make a difference to Wii owners. Activision quickly made it possible to report a faulty disk and receive a replacement.

These replacements also fixed some the sound issues the Wii version of the game had in addition to the lack of the Pro Logic II. Reports are coming in that the disks are arriving and the problems fixed. Wii owners, you can breath a sigh of relief.

On a related note though, why the heck are all the music based games having issues these days? If it isn’t Rock Band instruments breaking, Guitar Hero III wireless guitars being poorly built, it is the lack of Pro Logic II for the Wii. Talk about a touchy year for wannabe rock stars.

[Via Wiifanboy]


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