H2H: Bulletstorm vs. Killzone 3

Bulletstorm vs. Killzone 3

February 22 marked the release of two notable and polarizing first-person shooters, Bulletstorm and Killzone 3. One focuses on irreverent, frantic, arcade-style shoot-em-ups and the other on high-fidelity graphics, an interplanetary struggle for survival, and making things glow red. It’s time to pit these two sci-fi gunplay giants against each other and watch the symphony of bloodied ragdoll corpse-chunking ensue. Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 are going Head 2 Head.



If Dead Space 2 is the game your mom hates, then she will be blind with inconsolable rage for Bulletstorm. Grayson Hunt, the rough-edged space pirate protagonist, shoots off enough foul-mouthed one-liners to make George Carlin roll over, not to even mention his supremely profane former general. But the language can be ignored to some extent. Where Bulletstorm really shines, and where it gets downright dirty, is the gameplay, namely the Skillshots system that holds it all together. Has a game ever rewarded you for performing bullet castrations or firing a weapon while drunk? Now it has. And with the campaign mode to deliver story and character, the Echoes mode to deliver old school score-whoring, and Anarchy to deliver the cooperative online experience, it’s practically everything a gamer could ask for.

Killzone 3

killzone 3

Killzone 3 is a techgeek’s wet dream, with all the cool new features ranging from 3D support to PlayStation Move support, and of course the incredible visuals, which are stunning — bright, crisp, and incredibly realistic. Add to that the guns that are modeled after real military weaponry, the vast expanses and tight corridors of the exotic planet Helghan, the attention to detail in almost every aspect of the game, and some of the greatest dying gasps in gaming and you’re looking at a real meal ticket for the PlayStation 3. It also offers a fleshed-out single-player campaign and a class-based multiplayer mode lauded by fans as the best in the industry. Killzone 3 does not leave the gamer wanting in terms of features, and provides a fitting close to this sci-fi military shooter series.


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[Dan Crabtree]


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