Hack Opens Up 360 System Files

Reports on the Internet have been recently been buzzing about the kracking of the Xbox 360 system software. Apparently, the reports are true. Now, before everybody starts to have visions of illegal activity involving the installation of retail games onto their 360s, it must be pointed out that the software hack only allows you to open up the 360s file system. This allows people, who at their own risk, to browse the 360 system software, drag saves from the original Xbox over to the 360 files system, and to share or trade your saved games on 360gamesaves.com. The site says that its 360 Explorer program will allow the brave of heart to have, full read/write to 360 HDDs., full read/write to 360 Memory Units, physical and logical drive access, support for opening of dumps of both devices and backup/restore dump options. Of course, any diddling with your 360 with this hack may damage or void your 360 warranty, so be forewarned. While Microsoft has spent literally millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours on making the 360 unhackable, it has to make some of us smile because the hackers are probably only working on their Explorer 360 program in their spare time, probably between their homework and dinner time. We didn™t say we condoned it, we just said it made us smile. Just for the record.


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