Halo 3: Four million preorders? Maybe. Maybe not

Halo 3Fansite Xbox Evolved is reporting today that Halo 3 preorders have reached the 4 million mark. While there is a chance that this is true, the site offers absolutely no verifiable data to prove it.

The main piece of evidence offered by the author are testimonials from "five different Cincinatti area Gamestops." Did I miss the point in human history when salesmen were to be trusted to give accurate information regarding their product? Did I miss the point in Journalism when retail grunts became quotable sources?

Furthermore, Microsoft has been running their mouth quite a bit lately saying things about how Halo 3’s opening week will have a total gross on par with the Spiderman movies, and other claims of an equally lofty sort.

Don’t you think it a bit odd that after all that bragging, Microsoft would simply stop now that that their crown jewel has more than doubled the previous preorder record? With such an amazing milestone having been reached wouldn’t Microsoft be all over the web singing their own praises by now?

Look, I’m not saying these guys are wrong. Is it possible Halo 3 has hit 4 million preorders? Yes. Is it unlikely? Yes. Microsoft certainly isn’t going to disprove them though. All I’m saying is that these sources are completely invalid and if you, my dear GN reader, happen to run across this rumor on the net, cast to it a skeptical eye.

I look forward to a day when all games journalists take the time to put a little bit of thought into their stories, and (heaven forbid) actually try to contact someone to confirm/disconfirm/comment on the rumors they start.


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