Halo 3 KIA greater than population of Earth

halo earthYes sports fans, it’s true. The total enemies killed in Halo 3 now exceed the total population of Earth.

This little fact was uncovered by a Halo forum member when he noted the tally of kills posted on the official Bungie website and then went on to the government census bureau to get some statistics for comparison.

For you number crunchers out there, Halo 3 KIA amounted to 6,743,784,316. As for the population of our little blue planet, it clocked in at a mere 6,705,451,100 humans.

Of course, some would argue that killing Covenant baddies doesn’t really count and only human kills would really be legitimate.

But we’ll leave that debate for gamers during weekend frag fests. So, anyone out there want to make a guesstimate as to the human fatalities in Halo 3?


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