Halo 3 map pack on the way. Hurray!

Halo 3"Ah crap not snowbound again! Veto! Veto! VETO! Wew, good… aw crap this map again?"

Sound familiar? Thank your lucky charms, because Bungie and Microsoft (although recently divorced) didn’t abandon Halo 3. The developer’s blog reported on Friday that they are working hard on the first batch of downloadable content, which includes 3 new multiplayer levels.

The three maps include: Jodrell Bank, a smaller level suited for free-for-all Slayer; Moonbase Alpha, a large team based level; and an unnamed third that has been deemed "the scariest map of all time."

I don’t know what that means… but ok… I’ll tell you what though, you stick clowns all over that map and you’ll have me peeing my pants (damn you clowns).

There’s been no release date yet, but they are already in the testing phase so it can’t be long.

 Via [kikizo]


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