Halo 3? Nintendo says, "What's new?"

regWe all know the Big 3 (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) hate to see their counterparts succeed, and are sure to have something to say to downplay a big success. We’ve seen it before, and its not any surprise to hear Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo ask "Tell me what’s new?" to Halo 3.

"Will they sell a lot of software? Certainly. Will it sell hardware? I think it’s an open question." Ah ha! So you’re not saying no Reggie?

"I think that the Halo 3 consumer already has the hardware, because they’re playing Bioshock and Crackdown and the variety of games that are, in the end, quite similar: first-person shooter experience, multiplayer capable online. Tell me what’s new?"

I think the same could be said about the Nintendo Wii–most games are party games, and it can be argued that most users buy the console for the innovative Wii-Sports. It’s not a question of innovation, or what’s new, it’s a question of audience.

Halo 3 wasn’t created to bring in the new breed of "casual gamers," it was created for a fan base, and to gain further control of the shooter category. I was one of the guilty who bought the original Xbox just for Halo, so there is a market for FPS hardware buyers.

Plus, I think the film system is a pretty damn cool new feature that really showcases the small details that are usually taken for granted. But, Reggie is entitled to his opinion just as much as I am to mine. We’ll let the sales tell whether or not Reggie’s confidence is justified or not.

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