Halo 3 zombie-fueled mayhem coming on Halloween

halomasterchiefIf you own an Xbox 360 and you want to inject some extra spookiness into tomorrow’s Halloween, then Bungie has some zombie-fueled carnage that’ll gladly satisfy you.

Starting on October 31st at 12:01AM and ending on November 1st at 3AM, Bungie will be adding a new ranked mode for Infection.

Infection started out as a mod for Halo 2 but Bungie plucked it from its roots and officially implemented it into Halo 3. The mode will start with one or two players as zombies while the rest are humans. When a human is killed, they’ll join the zombie team and you can guess how this turns out.

There will be achievements available like all Ranked playlists; player limits are up to 13 and there will be 3 different modes within Infection to try out: Save One Bullet, Creeping Death and Creeping Rockets. The modes are outlined below from Bungie’s official website.

Q: There’s more than one version of Infection in this playlist, what is each version and how does it work?

We’re using two main versions: Save One Bullet, which is close to classical Infection but with limited ammunition which keeps the Humans from holding off the Zombies forever, and Creeping Death, where the Zombies are a bit slower but shockingly invisible and deadly. Creeping Rockets is a third variant where the Humans are more heavily armed, but the Zombies are tougher too.

Q: Man, I love these gametypes is there any way I can get them?

Any time you play one of these variants in Matchmaking, they’re saved in your Recent Games queue (in the Custom Games lobby, go to select the game type-the Recent Games list is at the top.) They may also show up in the Bungie Favorites this week.

Q: Will there be more special hoppers in the future?

You bet.

As of now the Ranked Infection is only a Halloween special, but Bungie has said that when they see how things work out, they may consider bringing it back. 


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