Halo 4 to be released on November 6

Halo 4

In a statement this morning, Microsoft announced that Halo 4 will launch worldwide on November 6, 2012.  Calling the release a “new beginning” for the franchise, Microsoft also said Halo 4 is the first in what’s sure to be a long line of Halo games developed by 343 Industries.

“We are beginning a new saga with Halo 4 and embarking on a journey that will encompass the next decade of Halo games and experiences,” said Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios “Millions of fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to step back into the boots of Master Chief, and, with Halo 4 leading the charge, we’re confident 2012 will be the most successful year in Xbox history.”

When we last left Master Chief, he and Cortana were drifting off in a fragmented space vessel at the end of Halo 3. Telling Cortana to “wake me when you need me,” the Chief put himself into cryogenic sleep as the ship floated toward a Forerunner planet.

Halo 4 will also appear on tonight’s episode of Conan in the form of a “special segment,” which, knowing Conan, could range anywhere from a live demonstration to Andy Richter squeezing into Spartan armor for ten minutes.


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