Halo director says movie is dead

halomasterchiefOne of the movies I’ve been eyeballing is the seemingly dormant Halo movie. But with past rumors of the film being canned and then getting a possible green light, it appears now the film is truly dead. Creativity Online snagged an interview with the movie’s director, Neill Blomkamp, and he laid it out crystal clear: the film is dead.

"The film is entirely dead. In the configuration it was in. Whatever happens with that movie, assuming that movie gets made, will be a totally different configuration. It’s not so much me as the entire vessel sank. Basically, it was a combination of; there were two studios involved that weren’t getting along in the process of making it, Universal and Fox."

Regarding the live-action Halo shorts that have been appearing on TV, Blomkamp mentions that these shorts weren’t connected to the Halo movie, in fact, he refers to them as, "less than zero" having to do with the movie.

"This is the first I’ve really spoken about those pieces. There’s such a massive misconception about what those are. In essence, those pieces have zero to do with the film. Like less than zero. I worked on the film for a few months and we developed a lot of things during that time, and none of that has anything to do with the shorts."

What Blomkamp doesn’t mention about all of this is the very serious reservations that the movie studios had with him being the director of such a high profile movie. He has no prior film making experience in any major films and in spite of Peter Jackson’s high praise of him, the movie executives weren’t biting.

In the meantime, the video below has all three currently released Halo live-action shorts in one clip. Enjoy!


[with additional reporting by Frank Ling]


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