Halo Finally Catches Fire

Halo 3 Master ChiefBoth Halo and Halo 2 were amazing games. They broke the mold for what a First Person Shooter experience should be like, and set a few sales records in the process. There is no question that without the Halo franchise the videogame world would be a very different place. Despite all the advances the Halo franchise has given us, though, there is one component both games lacked. Halo nerds know what I’m talking about: The Flamethrower.

But fear not Halo fans, because Halo 3 is going to finally smack the Flamethrower into Master Chief’s hands and give gamers all the fiery goodness they could ever want. IGN has revealed that the Flamethrower will be part of Master Chief’s arsenal when Halo 3 comes crashing into stores on September 25th.

For fans this would have been enough, but Bungie is always one step ahead. In addition to the Flamethrower, Bungie has also announced a fourth grenade; the Firebomb. Just as the Equipment will change how Halo multiplayer feels, the Firebomb is going to make grenades more than just an offensive weapon.

"The firebomb will be a useful tool in multiplayer games like CTF to cut off a flag-runner. "You can [create walls of flames]," O’Connor said. "You can block an exit by throwing down a couple of fire bombs. It will create a small wall of flames that it’s not smart for someone to walk through," IGN revealed in their article.

Can Halo 3 get better? With Halo 2 our imagination went wild, thinking up incredible scenarios using what little information Bungie trickled out. In the end Bungie failed to meet our dreams. With Halo 3 Bungie keeps exceeding our wildest.


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