Halo: Reach getting first DLC map pack this November

One of three new Reach maps.

Bungie has announced that the first batch of multiplayer maps for Halo: Reach, the Noble Map Pack, is set to release on November 30 for Xbox LIVE.

"Though [the DLC team is] still putting the finishing touches on what we’ve now dubbed the Noble Map Pack as we speak, we’ve been itching like crazy to show off the trio of maps for quite some time now," wrote Bungie’s Eric Osborne. "Today, you get your first good look. The Noble Map Pack will be ready for download on November 30th for 800 Microsoft Points." 

The DLC will include three maps: Anchor 9, Tempest, and Breakpoint. Anchor 9 is a small map designed for the Free For All, Team Slayer, and Team Objective match variants. The map is an orbital UNSC dry dock with both indoor and outdoor sections where players can do battle.

Tempest is a mid-sized map designed for Free for All, Team Slayer, Team Objective and Big Team Battle. It is an abandoned shoreline facility featuring two forerunner bases and can be customized through forge.

The final and largest map in the DLC group, Breakpoint, is designed for Invasion and Big Team Battle only. Breakpoint is modeled after the icy exterior of Dr. Halsey’s archeological lab found in the final chapters of the Halo: Reach story.

In addition to the three maps, the Noble Map Pack will include new achievements worth up to 250 Gamerscore. To see more shots of the maps, check out the screens below.


Anchor 9

Anchor 9 Screen 1

Anchor 9 Screen 3



Tempest Screen 1

Tempest Screen 2

Tempest Screen 3

Tempest Screen 4



Breakpoint Screen 1

Breakpoint Screen 2

Breakpoint Screen 3

Breakpoint Screen 4



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