Halo3 4-player co-op confirmed. Oh, and it's online, too.

As I predicted last week, Halo 3 will, in fact, allow you to finish the fight with three other friends co-operatively in the third and final installment of the trilogy. Oh yeah, and it can be done online.   

Not many details have been disclosed so far, but Bungie’s Luke Smith (the former video game journalist superstar and the man behind the developer’s podcast) confirmed to 1UP.com that it’s happening after it was announced at a recent press conference in Amsterdam.

So, there you have it, guys. The few who were on the fence about pre-ordering can stop giving that last excuse about the feature not being in the final product and slap down ten bucks on their local retailer’s counter.

I’m currently putting together my crew for taking down those beastly Brutes, puny Grunts, sharp toothed Jackals, and whatever disfigured Flood comes way for the last time.

Who wants in?  

[Via 1UP.com]


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