Happy Birthday, Dreamcast!

Dreamcast SystemSeptember 9th, 1999 was the day in which Sega launched its final piece of game hardware in the US market, only for it to be completely overshadowed by the might of Sony’s DVD player packing beast– something called the PlayStation 2.

Yesterday, the little console that could got one step closer to being a decade old by turning eight.

In celebration of the white box’s birthday, it’s highly probable that millions of gamers who forever hold a warm place in their hearts for the system, pressed in its gray power button and plugged in their Virtual Memory Unit, (followed by hearing the comforting sound of its beep), once again to embark on a nostalgic journey from which some didn’t want to return.

Perhaps they happily invested a few solid hours racking up a ridiculous amount of points in a fine game of Sega Swirl, went to fisticuffs with more than just a few group of thugs in Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue, or sat behind the wheel of a taxi cab with the green haired, flamboyant Offspring fan (Axel) and transported a few customers to their desired location promptly to acquire some cash.

Man, those were the days.

So, here’s to you, Dreamcast! Many wish that your miniscule lifespan was prolonged to the extent where your manufacturer could’ve been a competitor in the current console race.


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