Hardcore gamers buy more CDs/DVDs than games

hardcore gamerThe NPD Group has released a new study today that shows some seemingly rather bizarre results. Among other things, the study shows that young males who are classified in the "hardcore gamer" demographic, are less likely to buy a videogame than other types of media.

The CD and DVD industries, despite taking a hit overall, are still more popular with hardcore gamers than ever. "We have this perception of hard-core gamers glued to their consoles, and immersed in virtual worlds," said entertainment industry analyst Russell Crupnick. "When in fact, they are still spending a lot of time with, and money on, music, movies, and other pastimes."

This is one of those things, that sounds strange at first, but when you actually think about it, is perfectly logical. How much does a videogame cost? $60. How much does an album cost on itunes? About $10. Boom. There’s your answer. It’s like acting bewildered upon finding out that caviar enthusiasts eat more sandwiches than caviar. It’s not amazing, it’s just cheaper and more readily available.

For those curious, the NPD defined a hardcore gamer as someone who plays games daily, or for prolonged periods of time. I just hope they’re not lumping us into the same category as the Bejewled crowd.

[via GameDaily]


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