Haze mists into a PS3 exclusive game

hazeshotWe noted this at the E3 ’07 convention in July, but Ubisoft confirmed today that their upcoming FPS Haze is now a PlayStation 3 exclusive game. Originally planned for a future release on Xbox 360 and PC, Ubisoft maintained their stance that the PS3 will be the game’s lead platform.

Free Radical Design, most known for their TimeSplitters franchise, is heading development of the game and updated the game’s website to just display the PS3 logo. Nonetheless, they’re leaving the door open for a possible Xbox 360 or PC port in the future.

In Haze, players will don the boots of Sergeant Shane Carpenter, who works for the mega-evil corporation Mantel Global Industries. The company develops a nutritional supplement called NECTAR, which enhances the users’ combat, physical and mental abilities. Much over-the-top action and shooting ensues. Planned NECTAR abilities included better speed, increased accuracy and enhanced strength.

I guess games are trying to cash in the "superhuman main character with insane powers" gameplay. Hopefully it doesn’t become the next FPS rehash, like a World War II setting.

[Via GameSpot]


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