Help Make The Twisted Metal Documentary

Twisted Metal Head On PS2Think you’re the ultimate Twisted Metal fan? Then David Jaffe himself wants to hear from you. As you may have heard, Jaffe left SCEA to form his own studio, and their first game to be released is a PS2 version of the PSP launch title Twisted Metal Head On.

Think of it as a sort of fundraiser for their next big project.

Anyway, the team is putting together a Twisted Metal documentary and they want their fans to be a part of it. The interested parties should get out their finest video recording equipment and video tape themselves answering the following questions:

1- Which Twisted Metal game is your favorite and why?
2- Why do you like/love Twisted Metal, as a series?
3- Who is your favorite car/character and why?
4- What is your favorite Twisted Metal level and why?
5- If you could ask one question to the makers of Twisted Metal, what would it be?

They’re also looking for interesting Twisted Metal anecdotes as well. So all those depraved stories you have about soiling your pants just so you wouldn’t have to stop playing TM are now officially useful for something other than making your existence less worthwhile.


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