Heresy! Guitar Hero III Incompatible with Dolby Pro Logic II!

GH3You, as a Wii gamer sat on the sidelines and watched as the other console dudes wailed on guitars and rocked out in your face.

Secretly brooding and smiling, knowing that one day Guitar Hero III would be ported to your console, you could finally say, "Ha! Patience has paid off, and now it is you that is ruing the day, for now we are equal with guitars, yet I still possess Wii Sports!"

So the day has come and you tear open the GH III packaging to reveal your very own Gibson Les Paul with a built in Wiimote. "Nothing shall stop us from consummating this marriage of awsomeness!" You fire up your Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound and crank it up to about half way, because even at that level the whole block will hear you.

The title screen comes up. "huh, that’s odd, there’s no sound on the title screen." Cranking the volume up you hear nothing but the humming speakers.

"Oh no…"

Many Wii owning rockers shared a similar experience and collectively discovered that Guitar Hero III was indeed incompatible with the popular Dolby Pro Logic II system.

They all cried, "heresy!" and took to the forums in a rage. Neversoft’s support team tried to beat back the rioting masses and said, "We are looking into it now. The time frame is still unknown at the moment we are still looking in to the problem."

The disappointed crowds dispersed and cried into their cans of Mountain Dew.

via [nintendowiifanboy]


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