Hold on to your component cables, Wii owners.

mario galaxy wii hd

David Radd, from Industry Gamers, has written a convincing opinion piece on why we’ll never see such a thing as a "Wii HD."

Probably his most valid point has to do with the fact Nintendo has publically stated they have no plans to release such a device.  Radd calls it a flimsy reason, though a reason nonetheless, but I consider it to be a fairly legitimate one.

Among the other reasons why Radd says there won’t be an HD version of the Wii include the requirement for expensive new hardware and basically having to start all over again with the early adopters.

Basically Radd says it really just doesn’t make much sense for Nintendo to bother with an upgraded high definition device, at least not until they’ve decided to put out their next console.

I’m inclined to agree with Radd.  There’s just no real valid reason as to why Nintendo should put the time, money and resources towards developing an add-on or a souped-up version of the Wii.

And let’s be honest — as beautiful as Super Mario Galaxy looks, that’s about as good as it gets on the Wii.  It’s not a powerful machine, so the benefits of a true HD experience would be minimal.

I’ve been using the hard-to-find Wii component cables for years now, and I think I’ll be just fine using them another couple years.

You can read David Radd’s entire editorial here.

[Industry Gamers]


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