Hot Shots Golf 5 requires 5GB installation?

hotshotsOkay, this is getting stupid. According to the rumor mill, another PlayStation 3 game is going to be taking a 5GB bite out of our precious harddrives. Who is the culprit this time? Hot Shots Golf 5.

Devil May Cry 4 started this trend and with a game of that caliber we, the gaming community, let the mandatory installation slide.

But now another game? Sorry developers, you aren’t getting off the hook. Take the time, learn the hardware, and get the games running without taking chunks out of our HDDs. We as console gamers, are not going to sit by and watch as the PlayStation 3 is treated as a PC. Last time we checked, that is what the PC gaming community dealt with, not the console crowd.

Sure small installations are fine, but 5GB is ridiculous.

[Via Kotaku]


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