I am the law! Now let me return this!

badgeI know return policies suck. Maybe you didn’t do your research before buying a loser game. Maybe you got fooled by hype, but I think all of us have wanted to take things into our own hands and force them to take their crap back.

Last year Steven Sather, 46, decided to go vigilante and take law into his own hands. After buying Cars, he was unable to install it on any of his computers. Pissed off and fed up, he brought his building code inspector badge and went to Target.

After being rejected, as expected, by the manager due to store policy, Sather whipped out his badge and began creating a scene. Posing as an off duty cop, he demanded a refund and threatened arrest. Nice try.

The ploy didn’t work. Sather was facing a possible trial for impersonating a police officer. All over Cars. CARS…the GAME. He deserved to be arrested just for that.

Fast forward to now. The case has resulted in a hung jury, and now the DA’s office is deciding whether or not they want to attempt further trial, or cut some sort of a deal with Sather.

Keep Sather in mind the next time you contemplate buying a movie tie-in game. Think of the possible consequences.


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