Incoming Left 4 Dead demo, woo-hoo!

left4deadI’ve been keeping a close eye on Left 4 Dead for quite some time; with its fast-paced FPS zombie-shooting gameplay combined with signature level designs by the ol’ Valve Software folks will make this title an excellent multiplayer gaming frenzy.

Today, plans for an Xbox 360 and PC demo for Left 4 Dead were announced. The demo will include both single-player and multiplayer co-op gameplay. As for the level featured in the demo, Gabe Newell mentioned that it’ll be a very early part in one of the campaigns.

"We will be releasing demos for both the Xbox and for the PC. I don’t know what the date is for release on that, though. I think it’s going to contain the first part of one of the campaigns. I think it’ll probably be Hospital but I’m not sure. That’s a decision that Doug Lombardi is making."

As you might have caught, a release date is up in the air. The scheduled November 18th North America release date (or 21st for Europe) is just a little bit over two months away, so perhaps somewhere around some holiday next month that is always associated with zombies won’t be suitable?

[Via Videogamer]


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