Individual Rock Band Instruments Feb.12th

Rock BandHarmonix has announced today that in addition to their $170 Rock Band super pack, they will also be offering individually packaged and priced instruments.

The peripherals will begin shipping to the U.S. February 12th with the drum set which will retail for $79.99 USD. Then the Fender Stratocaster guitar controller will follow suit on April 1st at $59.99 USD.

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos said, "The release of standalone instruments allows Rock Band musicians to enjoy the full Rock Band experience, including drum, microphone and guitar head-to-head modes, creating a whole new level of competitive fun. We’re also delivering a stand-alone wireless guitar solution for all versions of Rock Band as well as providing the opportunity for consumers to build their band one instrument at a time."

This is a nice little deal for the people out there who are only interested in playing one instrument, though I can’t imagine there are that many. However, it’s worth noting, that to build your Rock Band one instrument at a time, the guitars and drums would cost $200 on their own. Using a little creative prediction we can guess that the microphone will probably cost about $30, and we know the game will cost $60 on current generation systems.

That’s almost $300 dollars! Despite this option, I don’t imagine you’ll see too many people buying their set one at a time. Hell, just the game and a guitar will set you back $120, so you might as well just jump in.


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