Info on new Atlus RPG for the DS

DSRPGRPG games have a lot of cliches, such as when a king dies mysteriously and a kingdom plunges into darkness and an evil army invades and only a magical sword can save the kingdom and restore peace to the land.

Well, that is exactly what Atlus’ new RPG for the DS is going to play out like. Well it’s not like I haven’t gone through this type of story at all. Atlus isn’t stupid, and knows that this idea has been smacked over our heads many times before, so what is their lure?

A deep party management and battle system is what will seperate this RPG from every other one. The party management in this game allows you to send your party members off on errands or go on quests to level up on their own without having you worry about grinding the same goblin in the forest for an hour until you get to that appropriate level. I’m not sure how fun this will be for the actual player, but if it makes a difficult task a bit easier, then it probably isn’t that big of a deal.

The ‘unique combat system’ uses route maneuvers and momentum counters, and skills are not just skills, but "dynamic strategic devices that you choose to build or not." Well your guess is a as good as mine right about now. Is the battle system really that unique, or is the this just a clever way of rewording ‘You have a choice to use a skill or not’. " The game also includes multiple storylines and endings that are determined by your actions. Your decisions will apparently affect the character you become and the ending you receive."

Stay tuned for more information on this DS RPG here at Gamernode when the game comes closer to release on April 15th.

[via cvg]


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