Insider info on Xbox 360 failures

Red RingThere’s no doubting the Xbox 360 hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to reliability. In fact that would be putting it mildly. But what is more frustrating to Xbox 360 owners is that there is no definite action, or set of conditions which lead to the hardware failure. It seems random, and uncompromising. Even worse is fixes for RROD Xbox 360’s range from the absurd remedy of wrapping the unit in a towel, to the aggravating ordeal of sending it back to Microsoft in hopes of receiving a new unit which works.

Finally, someone who was intimately involved in the Xbox 360 development is talking. Remaining anonymous for obvious reasons, the interview is lengthy, eye opening, but ultimately welcome because of the answers to provides. Turns out the current rate of units failure is around 30% and those units die very early on in their life cycle. Those who have had their Xbox 360 from day one and still working can sleep a little sounder.

Overall, the biggest problem Microsoft has is they rushed the production of the Xbox 360 in order to beat Sony out the door. That resulted in a product which wasn’t tested in the way it should have been and is why the Xbox 360 is having such a hard time even today.

Check out the whole article since it is really an interesting read.

[Via 8Bit Joystick]


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