iRiver Rumored to Release New Handheld Game Console

Anyone remember Gizmondo? If you are scratching your head to this question, it is not an unusual response. Gizmondo was Tiger Electronics entry into the handheld game console arena, which met with less than spectacular results. Other companies who have tired to break into the handheld console business have had similar results such as Tapwave™s Zodiac and Nokia™s N-Gage. The only company to come out smelling like a rose is Sony, with its PSP. Nintendo, the leader of the pack, has a whopping lead with about 80% in market share, with their GBA™s and DS’. After all this, companies continue to hope and pray for a handheld console winner of their very own. iRiver, a producer of MP3 music players, has apparently decided to roll the dice and hope they don™t crap out. Website news sources have been reporting that iRiver is planning on revealing the G10, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This handheld game console is rumored to run on Windows Mobile 5.0 and have a 4 inch display. No information on games or actual launch dates have been confirmed. Stay tuned for more details. COMMENT HERE


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