Is a picture worth as much as the real thing?

painted wiiOk, so let’s say that you have the ability to draw, and because you’re so good at it, whatever you created turned into the real version. That would be pretty cool, although I wouldn’t get much out of it because I can’t draw a straight line let alone anything worthwhile.

Well Christine and Justin from Wants for Sale run a website where whatever they draw, they sell for the exact amount of what the real thing is actually worth. Want a picture of buffalo wings? They’ll sell it to you for $12.70, then take the money and spend it on an actual plate of buffalo wings. Sounds crazy right? Maybe so, but they managed to draw (and sell) some of their favorite video games and consoles, including this Wii (pictured to the left) for $270.92; they’ve also managed to sell drawings of Guitar Hero, Halo 3, and Madden.

Some other non-gaming include abs, a slice of pizza, and iphone, street cred, and a night you won’t remember. Am I the only one here who thinks this is ridiculous? If I were them I would draw a mansion and a ferrari on top of a private island in the Pacific for $100,000,000. If people are buying them for some reason…why not try?


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