Is online co-op Covenant killing a go for Halo 3?

From what gamers have seen over the past year, it’s been clear as day that Bungie is attempting to deliver the ultimate fan service in every aspect with the final installment in the Halo trilogy. However, they have yet to outright claim that online co-op will be featured in their sure to be best selling title.

In an interview found on the pages of the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Bungie informed the publication that there will definitely be System Link co-operative play in the final product. However, their collective lips remained shut when pressed about whether or not the mode would be playable online via Xbox Live. As a result, many gaming oriented sites on the ‘net assumed that the gametype would not be available for everyone’s playing pleasure on September 25th.

However, Bungie’s Community Manager, Frank O’ Conner, commented on the rumor and provided futher information on the matter.

"All we confirmed to EGM … regarding Cooperative Play in Halo 3’sCampaign is that System Link co-op will be included in Halo 3," he said. "Just like we told EGM, we’re aware that people want co-op onlinebut the challenge of getting our complicated A.I. systems, huge gameworld, and gargantuan encounters neatly packaged and transferringacross the Interwebz is a mythic undertaking."

After shedding some light on what could potentially hold back the experience from being completely lag free, he went on to say that the only point in which they’ll truly know if it’ll ship with the game on launch day — and that the developer "will have a clearer picture of whether or not that online feature will be included."

Honestly, I’m inclined to believe that Bungie will pull through during the final phase of development and get online co-op in there. Not including it on day one would be a humongous lost opportunity to make everyone already purchasing their game fully satisfied.

If Bungie’s intention for the trilogy is to fully go out with the bang of a MAC Gun, it’ll be there without question.


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