Is the Wii really a next gen game console?

3nextgensWe’ve heard a lot of grousing from some sections of the gaming community saying that the Wii isn’t a true next gen gaming console. It’s been referred to in demeaning terms such as GameCube 1.5 and other phrases that we can’t utter in polite company.

In spite of the criticisms, the Wii continues to push on as one of the most sought after gaming consoles in recent memory. Stormfront Studios has sided with the Wii and has defended its right to hold the title, "next gen" game console. Ironically, Nintendo has said that its machine isn’t really a next gen console, but with that aside, Don Daglow of Stormfront said at the GCDC in Germany today that:

"Next-gen hardware is any platform that, upon its introduction, dramatically changes players’ view of the potential for interactive entertainment. If it changes the player’s view of what interactive entertainment is; if you think differently about it; if you have a new perspective after playing the game that you didn’t have before, to me that’s next-gen."

He said the common arguments about the Wii being weak in graphics and computing power are arguable at best:

"It does not have the processing power the 360 or the PS3 do, and you can make the consistent argument that, without that processing power, it can not revolutionize the entire experience. That’s debatable, and we get to decide.

"Nobody gets to tell us what we think is next-gen – we get to decide for ourselves. I can help start arguing, but we get to decide for ourselves."

The decision from Stormfront Studios is "yes," the Wii is a next gen machine.

What do you think? Is it or isn’t it?

[via Eurogamer]


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