It Came from the Notes! Iron Man Edition.

When I’m reviewing a game I like to take a lot of notes to better aid me in the actual "ok let’s sit down and write this thing" time. It might not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Here are a few notes for Iron Man on the Xbox 360…

Iron Man flying through the air sounds as thrilling as a model airplane flown by a Keebler Elf. Wait a minute, that actually sounds kind of cool…

Yinsen…not bad voice acting.

Why does Pepper have bigger boobs than she does in the film? Oh I get it. This is a game. Gamers can’t play without seeing double ds.

Planes just flew into the ground. The odd part is they flew back out unscathed.

Merger? I’m confused…

What’s worse, the gameplay or the graphics?

Terence Howard is just plain awesome.

Wait, why doesn’t Obie have a beard? Is it really THAT hard to render? A 5 o’clock shadow is NOT a beard dammit!

Oh noes! The villain reads the Art of War! Tony Stark is SCREWED!

Double U Tee Eff. Why does the final boss keep vomiting pseudo-sage-like advice?

Oh that’s lame. The extra suits are basically palette swaps. Basically.

Only thing left to do is beat it on Hard mode.

Difficulty on Hard, like Normal, just all of a sudden shot through the roof.

Restarted mission 5 on hard about…too many times. This is annoying.



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