It Came from the Notes! Vol 1. Universe at War: Earth Assault

When I’m reviewing a game I like to take a lot of notes to better aid me in the actual "ok let’s sit down and write this thing" time. It might not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Here are a few notes for Universe at War…

Universe at War is a silly name.

It froze during the tutorial.

Unintentionally funny cutscenes.

Tempted to completely mute all music.
*music in Masari campaign’s not too shabby.

It just froze.

No checkpoints? Come on.

It froze as soon as I loaded my campaign.

Adam Baldwin? Nice.

Foo fighters? haha.

Is it really that hard to return fire? Stupid A.I….

Vertigo doesn’t always do what he’s told. Intentional? Probably not.

Masari world RTS thing is actually kind of cool. Tip: Strike right away.

Peacebringer voice channels Daniel Plainview.

Ending sucks.

Multiplayer is a barren wasteland. Has potential. Kind of like Chromehounds.

Screw multiplayer, it always slows down and lags.

universe at WAR! What is it good for? *shrug


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