It's alive! Duke Nukem Forever demo exists

dukenukemThere are certain things in the world that seem to defy explanation as to their real existence. The Loch Ness monster, UFOs, the Yeti, and Bigfoot come to mind. Sure, we’ve seen photos and videos of them, but the question still exists as to whether they are factual or not.

Among this glorious list of speculative reality lies another…the sporadic sightings of none other than Duke Nukem Forever-the long promised game sequel that gamers have been waiting for over a decade.

Now, as if the Roswell incident has visited us again, there is direct evidence that DNF is not only real; there are witnesses who have seen actual gameplay demos. After this revelation, it seems that many of us found it easier to believe in the existence of Nessy rather than the existence of DNF.

Shacknews was privy to an actual demo of the game and stated:

"For a good half hour [we] witnessed several different DNF gameplay scenarios, mechanics, and environments being demonstrated. We actually got to see the truth of Duke curator George Broussard’s many past claims, including environmental puzzles and interactivity, a host of finished weapons, the existence of an in-game forklift, and plenty of heads and arms being blown off."

So at last, we have solid evidence that the game actually is in the stages of being playable. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this game has been in development for the greater part of 10 years and when all is said and done, will the game be worth the wait?

And hopefully, that wait won’t be too long down the road. Call me silly but it would be nice to see DNF released before the Colorado River carves out another 100 feet in the Grand Canyon…


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