Jack Thompson offers help to EA on takeover of T2

Jack ThompsonOh what a benevolent soul Jack Thompson is. GamePolitics is reporting that Jack Thompson has sent a loving email to EA CEO John Riccitielo offering his help in EA’s bid to takeover Take Two Interactive.

In what Gamepolitics describes as a long rambling letter that was also sent to several prominent gaming publications, Thompson says that Take Two honcho Strauss Zelnick is the essential problem with Take Two, and that an EA takeover would remedy that problem. Yeah, because I’m sure once EA gets control GTA will just stop being violent.

"I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls," Thompson said. "In doing so, I can get the new Take-Two into the clear as to the trouble I and others can send its way. Zelnick is the source of trouble headed Take-Two’s way, not I, and EA can make the case, with my help, that such trouble can be avoided."

Jack Thompson maybe certifiably insane, but you’ve got to give him one thing: you just can’t keep that man’s spirit down. Even though he has lost, time and time again, in court against T2, and having judge after judge explain the first amendment to him, he just never stops believing he’s winning.

It’s a well established fact by now that JT only does these things because he loves being in the bright lights of the gaming press, and my hypothesis is that his only motivation for sending this email was so that, should EA succeed and take over T2, he can finally say that he brought down T2.


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