Jack Thompson on the chopping block

JackTired of hearing about Jack Thompson’s latest jabs against the gaming industry? Been praying to God for some sweet judgment on him? Well your prayers maybe answered soon, because Jack Thompson’s debarment hearing has just begun.

That’s right, the state of Florida wants to take away his ability and license to practice law. Thompson is under the microscope for his lack of professional conduct in court cases against the video game industry.

Thompson was rejected when he bidded to block the morning’s trial. He then tried to drag the Entertainment Consumers Association in as a co-defendent and failed. His next move was trying to cut a deal with a 90-day suspension, but the Florida Bar wanted it all.

Thompson is trying to blame this as an attempt to silence him and his Christian activism.

Face it Jack, they want you. Stop trying to shield yourself and own up to your big dumb mouth.

I wonder if Rockstar execs have front row seats at the hearings?

via [2opgaming]


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