Jack Thompson sends a letter to Zelnick's mother

Jack ThompsonAll of you guys that have been appalled by Take-Two’s unruly behavior in creating the killer creating game GTA, your prayers have been answered.

That’s right, Jack Thompson, the only person who seems to actually care about our youth and still know enough about video games to be useful, has set matters straight by sending a letter to Adolph Hitler’s mother to tell her of her son’s company. Did I say Adolph Hitler? I meant Strauss Zelnick (Chairman of Take Two). I sometimes get the two confused.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, our old friend Jack Thompson took it upon himself to inform Zelnick’s mother of his ghastly actions. Well, technically he sent it to Zelnick’s attorney because he’s not allowed to send correspondence to Zelnick or his mother directly, but that’s beside the point. He imparted upon her the facts that Zelnick was directly responsible in the deaths of three Alabama policemen, in addition to a nation-wide police killing spree. Don’t forget 9/11, too, Jack!

Jack’s beautifully written letter also brings up an interesting point. Ever notice how most gamers are on death row? Me neither, but that’s part of Thompson’s genius. The insanity of this sentence brings to mind the insanity of video games, and their main effort to train small children to kill. Thompson also attacked Zelnick’s shameful representation of the Boy Scouts. As an Eagle Scout, I must agree with Jack on this: Zelnick should have a Ted Bundy merit badge for all the evil he has knowingly created with his disgracefully violent video game–GTA IV. He may as well have joined Hitler Youth.

For this, there can be only one possible cause: Zelnick’s upbringing! Jack briefly chastised Zelnick’s shameful mother. I must quote Thompson to fully express what I feel: "If you trained up Strauss to do this, then shame on you." Zelnick’s mother should be ashamed, for she must be the reason Zelnick is selling violence and porn to young children. Of course, the game content and recommended age group is always posted on the sinful box of a game of satanic proportions, Thompson, as usual, realizes that parents sometimes can’t bring up their children on their own, and need help. What a saint.

Where would we be without a man like Jack Thompson? In even more danger of moral corruption, I suspect. If Thompson were not here to educate us on the dangers of video games, I fear the whole planet would be plunged into an age of darkness, simplicity, and ignorance. Hopefully Zelnick’s mother will give him a timeout; Jackson just told on him.

If you want to read Jack’s well written letter, head over to Wired.


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