Jack Wall explains departure from Mass Effect

The Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 composer talks about his departure.

When Clint Mansell was announced as the composer for Mass Effect 3 approximately one month ago, many series fans were left wondering just what happened to former composer Jack Wall. Today at the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference, Wall revealed that he left of his own free will in order to pursue other opportunities.

"Well, I’ve had a great relationship with BioWare for five years, and I think, you know, as with any important relationship it’s complicated," said Wall. "Now I’m working with other clients and it feels fresh to me and I think they feel the same way, so I think it’s just time to move on. I have nothing but love for those people. I’m sure I’ll see them again. It’s just time for a break, maybe."

The Mass Effect series is known for its outstanding musical score, and many are not sure if Mansell, who was the composer for "Black Swan" and "The Wrestler", will be able to duplicate the magic that Wall had created.

Wall however, believes that it’s possible:

"As long as you have someone doing what we did on the game development side, you can get away with that, and have just somebody write great music and direct them how to do it. I think it’s totally fine. It depends what you’re looking for as a game developer, really. Do you need somebody with that knowledge, or no? Sometimes, you know, I’m just interested in all that stuff, so I bring that with me, and that’s an asset I have, right? But it doesn’t necessarily make me more suited to a particular project, unless the developer feels it is. So, I’m having a really good time with that knowledge now, because it really makes me think differently about how I compose for games."

When composing for Mass Effect 2, Wall was already working on the game’s final sequence before he ever got to see a working level from BioWare. He wishes that if this happens to Mansell, it doesn’t put too much stress on him.

"I hope Clint Mansell can get up to speed on that quick and doesn’t feel too overwhelmed," Wall said. "He’s a very talented guy, so I’m sure it’ll be great."

Players will find out for sure when Mass Effect 3 launches sometime this holiday season.



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