Jaffe '…would love to work on God of War 3'

god of warDavid Jaffe (creator of the first God of War) recently told GameDaily BIZ that he would love to be involved in the making of the third installment of the God of War series. But since Jaffe is not an employee of SCEA anymore, that dream has been hard to fulfill.

Because of his involvement with his new studio Eat, Sleep, Play (pretty much what I do everyday) his priority at the moment is not on God of War III.

But if he could get together with Sony and fulfill his "master plan" story, trust me he would.

"I can tell you that I have, what I consider, a phenomenal story for God of War III. When I was a Sony employee, we were exploring going down that road, and it probably was so big that it would have had to have been broken up into three parts and the actual franchise wouldn’t come to an end until we had the third one made on PS3.

"There are certainly ideas for gameplay and for story, but I’m just not in that position anymore. In the best case scenario, I can freeze time, have 72 hours in a day and I could magically beam myself over to Santa Monica and back home to San Diego in time for dinner, then yeah, I would, if they would have me, I’d love to be involved with that title."

A master story? You mean it gets better than flying on a flaming pegasus while "clipping" the wings off of gryphons, untimately flying towards Mt. Olympus to stab Zeus himself in the chest?

[via gamedaily]


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